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Vintage Wooden Sled

Rough shape. $50 for both or $25 for each.

Scott Radio Cabinet with Tubes

Vintage Cast-Iron Wagon Wheel

Found three so far. Good condition. Cast-Iron. $500 each.

Vintage Wheelchair

Reasonable condition. $1000 OBO.

Vintage Round Washing Machine

Reasonably good condition all things considered equal. $500 OBO. I actually have two of these. The other is in more dubious condition.

Chiropractic Spine Display

Good condition. $100.

Vintage Cast-Iron Boxwood Stove

Vintage Boxwood Cast-Iron Stove. $300

Vintage Coal/Wood Burner

Reasonably good shape. $300 OBO.
Roughly 3.5 foot high.

Vintage Pepsi Logo Flat-top Cooler/Refrigerator

The logo puts this in the 1970s. $100 OBO.

Vintage Marble Top Oval Table (small)

This table sat in my mother’s house for a very long time and I have no idea where it came from. It looks to be from the 1940s or 1950s but it may be older.

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The Past and the Future

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The Past and the Future

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