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So much for that….

Well, its 2019. For starters. Ha!

I stopped journaling for a while. The whole year, actually.

My weight leveled off in 2017 and then in 2018 began to slowly climb. I’m back to 300 pounds, despite my best efforts and I’ve honestly given up.

Nothing works. Nothing changes. I hurt all over. I can’t get a doctor to listen to me. This is simply how it’s going to be.


I am still working as a social worker type person, and I love my job. It will be 3 years in November. That’s a record for me, folks. I’ve never worked anywhere for that long.

I am still utilizing the diet that gave me back my life. Which is: no sugar, no grains or seeds, no legumes, no nightshades, and no dairy. Well, there are exceptions. I am allowed jasmine rice and some corn (like corn chips, for instance). I am allowed black beans as long as they are refried only (no idea why it doesn’t bother me). I can have molasses and maple syrup, and small bits of sugar now and then. I eat fried potatoes now and then, but keep it as a treat. I can have cheese as long as it’s aged.

How did I decide this?

Well, after gaining back all the weight I lost, and crying, and raging, and fighting and starving, I faced that I needed to figure things out. So I reined back on what I was eating, and decided that if it doesn’t give my guts fits (or gas) that I’m probably okay. SO that’s where we are now.

I have also decided to work on being an artist, and this is where that will take place. So … buckle up folks! I’m changing the focus of this journal. I have a private journal elsewhere, to put the more darker details of my life. This will be for my not-so-private struggles, for my art (writing, photography), and for my political rants.

More later, Taters!


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