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Holding Pattern

My life got thrown into a blender right around my 50th birthday. When things went horribly, magnificently sideways, everything I had been working on and planning went into a holding pattern. I can’t focus on me when I have to focus on everything and everyone else. That’s just how it works.

I continued on my diet. I continued to watch everything I ate and drank.

However, my weight leveled off at 270 and other than a pound or two in either direction, I have remained right there. I suppose I finally lost the weight that was from overeating and baby-making, which accounts for some of it, but overall I accept that I’ve reached the point where exercise must come into play. Ugh. So after losing roughly 60 pounds, I’m on a holding pattern there too.

Also in this gambit is the accidental overdose of Naproxen (Aleve).

I will spare you the ugly details about bruises and a whole bunch of swearing. In the end, it meant that I had to give up ALL pain meds for about a month, and am down to 1 powdered aspirin (BC Powders) at night and nothing all day. I have had an ache in my belly for a while now since then, but not enough to drive me to the doctor and frankly, I have such crappy insurance that I can’t afford to.

How crappy? Well, I have a $5k deductible, that’s how bad. So much for seeing any doctor, ever.

On an amusing side-note, my employer sent out a notice asking people to put their children and spouses on the plan. After I laughed bitterly, I politely (mostly) declined. So much nope. Never work for social services unless you are truly dedicated folks; It’s neither monetarily or benefits rewarding, other than the obvious good karma parts.

The question is this: How do I diet and exercise without the benefit of painkillers? My family is dreading it as much as I am. Jazy is grumpy and growly when in pain.

I have been working on cooking better for myself and eating more regularly during this lull. I have tried to work on lowering my stress (hahahahahahaha) but that’s not going so well.

I did take the doctor’s advice and start drinking wine. ONE glass a day, roughly 4-6 ounces in a little glass. It has a sedating effect as well as a gastrointestinal one. Apparently there is a lot of good things in wine, particularly red wine.

A few pointers however. Don’t drink wine just before bed. At least for me, it means that I’m WIDE AWAKE for hours no matter what I take. That was a long learning moment and a terribly long, exhausting day to follow. Also, don’t drink wine with anti-depressants. It felt like I drank half a bottle of Jack. Noted. Lastly, good wine is pricey, so join a club. I did. I heartily recommend Naked Wine. They’re customer service is top notch and their selection is awesome. The site is easy to use and helpful as is their app. Two thumbs up.

To refresh your memory, I was prohibited from eating:

  1. Grains and Seeds (all of them. Sigh)
  2. Legumes (all of them. sigh)
  3. Nightshades (not even touching, actually)
  4. Dairy/Eggs (I did find that I could have small amounts of aged [18+ months] cheese)
  5. Sugar/Sweeteners (maple syrup, agave syrup, and molasses are allowed in SMALL amounts)

I lived that diet for 8 months. Currently, with all that I’m doing, I am back on Jasmine Rice (grain), SMALL amounts of raw sugar, eggs, and peanuts, black beans, and some nuts. I am going to start experimenting with sprouted beans to see if I can tolerate them. I tried regular beans other than black beans (not sure why they are different) and it was a strong body message equivalent to a Gibbs-smack. I have also been eating potato chips or hash browns made from potatoes (no skins, not even a hint), but I gained a pound doing that and I think it’s still a no.

All in all, I’m pleased. I do feel better most days, and have very little gastrointestinal distress anymore. I think my gut is on the mend.



Here’s to a better 2018. I’ll try to write more. Toodles.


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